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HL7 Message Simplification

Healthcare integration needs healthcare information standards – and by far the dominant standards come from Health Level 7 (HL7). Nearly all national procurement authorities, such as the UK NHS or the US ONC, mandate HL7 interfacing standards, and they are widely supported by major healthcare vendors.

But the latest generation of HL7 standards – Version 3 and the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) - have forbidding technical complexity, with deep XML nesting and a complex internal language of constructs based on the Reference Information Model (RIM). People speak of needing a 'PhD in HL7' to master HL7 interfaces; many suppliers and developers are not prepared to make the investment to do so.

We have developed tools and techniques for simplifying HL7 message definitions – defining a much simpler XML structure, with meaningful business names, which holds all the required information and can be reliably transformed to a full conformant HL7 message.

So any supplier or developer who wishes to be HL7-conformant, without all the technical complexity which that usually entails, can interface their systems to the simplified messages – a vanilla XML interfacing task – and then use our auto-generated transforms to read and write the full HL7 messages. This is the reliable and pain-free way to interface to HL7 V3 or CDA.

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