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Data Quality Toolset

To assess and tackle data quality problems, you need to inspect and compare data across different data sources, and run bulk data tests such as approximate matching and de-duplication.

Tools for these demanding tasks typically have a very high price-tag. However, based on our open source mapping and transformation tools, we offer powerful tools for data comparison and matching, for an affordable annual licence fee.

A common data quality challenge is to find approximate matches between records – in the presence of spelling errors, word re-ordering and other 'noise'. To find such matches, database indexes are of little help, and for N records the cost of a 'brute force' comparison of record pairs grows as N2 – which rapidly becomes prohibitive, even for medium-sized data sets.

Our tools can do fast approximate matching of records, and fast Bayesian likelihood matches, at rates very much better than the N2 'brute force' rate. This allows you to refine and run the data quality tests you need to, even for large data sets.

Our mapping and query tools can rapidly access and compare data in diverse physical data structures, all in terms of one common logical data model. Coupled with the fast matching, this makes a very powerful and flexible data quality toolset – at a very reasonable price-tag.

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