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Projects & White Papers

This page describes some projects we are involved in, with related links and white papers.

Green CDA

To simplify the task of CDA interfacing for ITK, another approach is to interface applications to the simpler XML Green CDA (which is a vanilla XML interfacing task) and then transform the Green CDA to full standard CDA using reliable supplied transforms. Like the CDA API, this shields developers from the technical complexities of full CDA.

Green CDA, which is an HL7-endorsed implementation technique, has been developed for ITK CDAs by Open Mapping Software Ltd, and has been applied in three ISCF projects. View the Green CDA webex presented in the NHS CDA Forum; or download the slide deck.

Clinical Document Editor

CDAs are, as their name implies, clinical documents. So they need to be viewed, edited and authorised by clinicians. The Clinical Document Editor is a web-based configurable editor which can read or write standard ITK CDAs. Using simple configuration files, developers can tailor editors for specific clinical roles and requirements, including configurable screen layout, data entry by free text, menus or lookups, validation, read-only fields, and other options. Read the published white paper.

Data Quality and Data Matching - White Paper

Coordinating activities across providers of health and social care requires more than just exchanging documents and alerts such as CDAs. Senders and receivers need to know they are talking about the same person, and that information is consistent and accurate across different data sets. Failure to do this incurs costs, inefficiencies, and risks of high-profile failures of care. To avoid this, you need powerful data quality tools to compare and match data across diverse databases. These tools are often beyond the budgets of provider organisations.

Open Mapping Software provide a powerful and adaptable data quality and data matching toolset, at an affordable cost. Find out about it in this white paper.

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