Improving data quality - delivering rapid cost savings, while improving quality of care

Data Quality Review

Private and public bodies have a duty to maintain high quality of the data they hold. NHS trusts and Local Authorities must meet defined standards of Information Governance, including data quality.

As well as a duty, there are many practical incentives to maintain data quality – in reduced costs and improved quality of service arising from better quality data.

Tools for measuring and improving data quality can be expensive and inflexible. The need is for a toolset which can rapidly and flexibly access the business-critical information stores, to assess and measure a wide range of specific data quality problems; and then provide effective means for addressing them.

Our Data Quality Review and Toolset fills this need. Using our powerful and flexible tooling, we will work with your staff to:

  • Interview selected managers and front-line staff, to identify those data quality hot-spots which adversely affect business and clinical processes
  • Interface our tools to selected systems and databases, to access and compare data across those systems
  • Run comparative queries, to see comparable data from different systems side by side in a common logical format
  • Run fast bulk matching and de-duplication tools, to quantify the extent of missing or duplicated records (functions normally available in tools at many times the price)
  • Present the results to your managers , including those with responsibility for information governance
  • Write a short report, identifying the key opportunities for information quality improvement and cost reduction.

This is a highly cost-effective way to understand the nature and extent of your key data quality issues, and then to plan and cost-justify a programme to address them. The price of the review project includes a first year's licence for the data quality toolset, which we leave configured for your specific data quality issues, so you can continue to monitor and improve data quality.

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