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FHIR Transform Engine

To integrate healthcare applications using FHIR you need to build and maintain transforms between local or legacy data formats and FHIR. The FHIR Transform Engine (FTE) is the most cost-effective way to do this.

Using FTE, you rarely need to write code. Instead, you use a graphical Mapping Editor to make declarative mappings between your other data formats and FHIR. What are the benefits of this approach?

- Faster: Mapping is a skill; but once you have it, you can develop transforms much more quickly than by writing code

- Two-way transforms and round trips: One set of mappings gives transforms in both directions; FHIR=>other and other=>FHIR

- More Accurate: Using mature automated test tools, you can immediately test any change to mappings in a rapid map/test/map/test cycle

- Transparent and maintainable: Mappings are easy to understand, easy to review and maintain. Key design decisions are not buried in code.

- Supports any set of FHIR Profiles: Can transform to bundles and resources in any set of FHIR profiles such as the INTEROpen UK profiles

- Escape to code when needed: There are aspects of transforms (such as finding SNOMED codes) where procedural code may be simplest. You can easily build these in to mapping-based transforms, with a high level of reuse

You can use FTE to rapidly build a RESTful FHIR Server on any existing healthcare application.

We recommend a short Proof of Concept on your application, to show you the potential of mapping, and start the skills transfer to your staff

The FTE Runtime is Open Source. FTE development tools are available free to NHS Organisations and to suppliers of Open Source Applications; licensed to suppliers of proprietary applications. Training and support are available

For more information, see the slide deck, and white paper


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