Transforms By Example - delivering high quality healthcare data transforms for less cost

Transforms By Example in Healthcare

Transforms By Example (TBX) is a new way of developing data transforms. It can greatly reduce the costs of healthcare interoperability, while improving quality and maintainability of transforms.

There is an urgent need for better integration of healthcare IT applications. This means linking and sharing their data, using standards such as HL7 FHIR, HL7 Version 2 and OpenEHR. TBX helps you do this at reduced costs.

With Transforms By Example, you do not write code or make mappings. You construct a small set of good examples of the transform you require - the source, and the target the transform is required to produce. Then, the TBX tools generate the transform software, and run tests automatically. Transforms are delivered in Java or other forms.

By automating the design and coding of transform software, TBX reduces costs, and improves reusability - but retains the flexibility of hand-coded transforms. You can reverse-engineer legacy transform code into the open, maintainable form of TBX.

See tutorials and videos about TBX here.

For transforms involving only HL7 Version 2 and FHIR, TBX is available as a free download, together with other materials.

For other applications, contact us to use the licensed version of TBX.

Download a brief description of TBX in healthcare

To read a TBX white paper contact us