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Support for the NHS England Technology Fund

A few key themes run through the NHS England Technology Fund: the Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR); Standards-Based Interoperability and Open APIs; and use of NHS number as a universal patient identifier.

As NHS England evaluate applications for funding in dialogue with trusts, a small investment, to investigate those interoperability themes and their impact on your plans, will pay for itself; not just in improving your chances of winning funding, but also in getting better value from all your IT investments, funded or not. Open Mapping Software can support you in those vital investigations.

A Roadmap for Standards-Based Interoperability: What is your most feasible roadmap from where you are now, through the alphabet soup of standards (SNOMED, ITK, CDA, V2...), to the goal of the IDCR, serving your clinicians needs? We recently helped author an HL7 UK White Paper on this topic. We are offering a limited number of free half-day workshops to explore it, and help you set out your own practical roadmap.

Nominate a team of 4-12 key influencers who will actively take part; send us a list of your key topics for discussion; and agree a date with us. We will facilitate the workshop; present a view on the key topics, based on our work with other trusts, HL7 UK, HSCIC and PRSB; explore your key issues; and write a short bullet-list action plan for you to resolve the issues.

Standards-Based Clinical Documents: Electronic exchange of attested clinical documents (such as referrals and discharge notes) is key to joined-up, cost-effective patient care, and may be a large part of your technology fund plans. For these exchanges, the recommended standard route is clear-cut - using HL7/ITK CDA and moving towards the PRSB clinical headings. We have a proven track record in the most cost-effective implementations of CDA, in three successful ISCF projects leading to ITK-accredited CDA interfaces.

We belong to a grouping of Open Source suppliers who will support trusts in collaborative projects, eligible for NHS England funding, to develop and support cost-effective CDA exchanges supported by Open Source tools.

NHS Number Systems Review: The technology fund requires adoption of the NHS number as the universal identifier between trust IT systems. With their extensive IT estates, all trusts face challenges in achieving this; including the initial challenge of simply assessing the scale of work they need to do, to move towards this target. Just doing that investigation, without the proper tools, can take many months. We have a highly effective and configurable data quality toolset to help you rapidly assess your key IT systems, in their percentage coverage of NHS number and other identifiers, levels of duplicate records, and other indicators of data quality then plan and cost the activities needed to move forward.

We will use this toolset to carry out a short time-boxed NHS Number Review , working with your staff to transfer skills in the tools, and presenting an initial assessment within two weeks of the start. This is your first step to understand and meet the challenge of universal NHS number usage.

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